AC 2-Litre

The AC 2-Litre is a sports sedan produced by AC Cars from 1947 to 1956. Initially designed with two doors, it sold well on the market, so from 1953 the 2-Liter with 4 doors went on sale.


The car had a 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 1991 cm³. The engine was developed by AC Cars back in 1922. In the 47th year, it was equipped with new carburetors, which provided an increase in power to 74 hp. With. In 1951, the power of the 2-Litre engine was again increased to 85 hp. with., it turned out to be more than 35 liters. With. more effective than stated in the factory guidelines for use.

AC 2-Litre for the entire time of production, outwardly almost did not change, only the size of the wheels in 1951 was increased to 16 (406 mm). The AC 2-Litre engine was used back in 1963 to equip AC Cars cars.

Car testing data in 1948 by Motor magazine:

  • top speed AC 2-Litre: 80 mph (130 km/h);
  • up to 100 km / h it was possible to disperse the car in 19.9 seconds;
  • fuel consumption per 100 kilometers was 12 liters.

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