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The Allard K2 was a sports car produced by the British manufacturer Allard from 1950 to 1952. It was the successor to the Allard K1 and was built on a modified Ford chassis. The K2 was intended to be a more refined and luxurious version of the K1, with a larger body, a wider track, and a more powerful engine.

The Allard K2 was powered by a variety of engines, including Ford V8s and Cadillac V8s. The most common engine used was a 3.6-liter Ford V8, which was capable of producing 85 horsepower. The K2 was available with either a three-speed manual or a four-speed manual transmission.

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The body of the K2 was made of aluminum and featured a distinctive front grille and a sloping hood. The car had a long, low profile and was available in both two-seater and four-seater configurations. The interior was trimmed in leather and featured bucket seats.

The K2 was a popular car in sports car racing in the early 1950s, and many examples were raced in events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Carrera Panamericana. The K2 was also used as a platform for custom coachbuilt bodies, and several unique examples were produced by coachbuilders such as Sydney Allard and Giovanni Michelotti.

Today, the Allard K2 is a highly sought-after collector’s car, with only a few hundred examples produced during its brief production run. Its combination of British engineering and American muscle makes it a unique and desirable classic sports car.

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