Fiat 522

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The Fiat 522 by the renowned Fiat makers is a passenger vehicle first incepted between 1931 and 1933. For the 522 option, it comes in three different styles including 522S sport, 522L LWB, and 522C SWB.

Its engines capacity was at 2516 cc, which was in line with six—cylinder. Its output for the sports version is somewhere between 39kw, which is equivalent to 52bhp and 48kw or 65bhp.

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To this end, if you are looking for the seamless car to use in your luxury as well as other demanding activities, the Fiat 522 got you covered.

While this model was introduced in the market to replace the Fiat 521, it comes will all exciting features including a standard horsepower and four speedy gears that allow you to hit the road the best way possible.

Fiat 522 photo - 3

While Fiat 522 has attracted the interests of the drivers that are always looking for established makes that are off the beaten path, it is set to be more poised in the future.

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