Fiberfab avenger

The Fiberfab Avenger is a sports car model produced by the American car manufacturer Fiberfab in the 1960s and 1970s. The Avenger was designed as a kit car, which meant that customers could buy the car in kit form and assemble it themselves or have a professional builder do it for them.

The Avenger was based on the chassis of the Volkswagen Beetle, which was a popular and affordable car in the United States at the time. The car was designed to have a sleek and sporty appearance, with a low-slung profile, sharp angles, and a long hood.

The Avenger was available in several different body styles, including a convertible, coupe, and fastback. The car was made from fiberglass, which made it lightweight and durable, and allowed for greater design flexibility than traditional steel bodies.

Under the hood, the Avenger was powered by a range of engines, including the Volkswagen flat-four engine, which was available in several different displacements. The car also featured a range of suspension and braking upgrades to improve handling and stopping power.

One of the most notable features of the Fiberfab Avenger was its customization options. Customers could choose from a range of interior and exterior options to make the car their own, including different colors, wheels, and upholstery materials.

The Fiberfab Avenger is considered a classic and collectible car, and is popular among enthusiasts who appreciate its unique design and customization options. The car is also sought after for its lightweight construction and sporty handling, which makes it a fun and engaging car to drive.

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