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The Ford A series represented a lineup of trucks engineered by Ford UK, strategically positioned between the relatively compact 3.5 metric tonne Transit and the larger 7-tonne D series. In 1967, Ford initiated an extensive study focusing on trucks within the 3.5 to 7-ton GVW range. The decision to introduce this range was finalized in 1970, kicking off development in early 1971. The A series made its public debut at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show, following a rigorous three-year, 12 million-pound testing and development program that involved over 20 vehicles running over 500,000 miles.

Commercially launched on September 13, 1973, the A series offered more than 350 basic variants, encompassing wheelbase options, gross weight, engine configurations, body types, and catering to both left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) markets. The range even included an articulated tractor or “baby” artic, the AA0709, with a GCW of 6600 kg, exclusively available in the UK.

The “A” cab shared numerous components with the Transit, featuring distinct longer and wider wings, an elongated hood, and a different grille. Unlike the Transit, which underwent a facelift, the “A” maintained its profile throughout its production span.

The A series was categorized into two segments: the smaller A04xx with 14-inch wheels and four-cylinder engines, and the larger A05xx / A06xx with 16-inch wheels, a stronger frame, and six-cylinder engines. Additionally, a 4×4 version was offered by Reynolds Boughton, tailored for specific applications.

Ford offered four different engines: a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder diesel, a 3.54-liter 6-cylinder diesel, a 2-liter V4 petrol, and a 3-liter V6 petrol. Various transmissions were available, including the Ford 4-speed 4-310 synchro, Turner 4-speed T4-150 synchro, and the ZF 5-speed S5-24/3 synchro, providing a high-capacity unit.

The A series offered versatility with three driving axles tailored to wheel sizes, encompassing different ratios for varied applications. Four wheelbases were available, ranging from 120 to 156 inches (3.05 to 3.96 m).

Production of the A series concluded in 1983, later filled by rebadged versions of the Iveco Daily sold by Ford and the heavier variants of the new Ford Transit, introduced in 1986.

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