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The Ford Condor is a commercial vehicle produced by Ford specifically for the Japanese market. This vehicle was part of a collaboration between Ford and Nissan, based on Nissan’s Caravan/ Homy van.

Key features of the Ford Condor:

Collaborative Production: The Ford Condor was essentially a rebadged version of Nissan’s Homy, a van designed for commercial use.

Van Configurations: It was available in various configurations, including passenger vans, cargo vans, and minibus versions, catering to different commercial and transport needs.

Engine Options: The Condor was equipped with a range of engines, including diesel and gasoline variants, offering different power outputs and fuel efficiencies.

Use in the Japanese Market: It was primarily targeted at the Japanese market, where commercial vans and people movers are popular for various industries and transportation purposes.

Limited Availability: The Ford Condor was specifically tailored for the Japanese market and wasn’t widely available outside Japan.

Discontinuation: Production of the Ford Condor ceased, likely due to changes in market demands or shifts in Ford’s global strategies.

The Ford Condor represented Ford’s attempt to tap into the commercial vehicle market in Japan by partnering with Nissan. However, due to its limited production and market-specific focus, it didn’t gain the same level of recognition or widespread availability as some other Ford models.

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