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The Ford Series D, also known as the Ford D-Series, refers to a line of commercial trucks produced by Ford Motor Company in the United Kingdom. The D-Series trucks were manufactured from the late 1960s through the 1980s and were a prominent part of Ford’s commercial vehicle lineup during that period.

Key features and information about the Ford D-Series trucks:

Variety of Models: The D-Series encompassed a range of trucks with different configurations and payload capacities. It included various models such as the D0610, D0710, D0810, D1010, D1110, D1210, and others, each denoting different tonnage and load capacities.

Design and Construction: These trucks were built with a sturdy chassis and were available in different wheelbases and cab configurations. They were commonly used as flatbed trucks, box trucks, or for transporting goods in various industries.

Engine and Performance: The D-Series trucks were equipped with a range of diesel and petrol engines, offering varying levels of power and torque suitable for different hauling needs. They were designed to provide reliable performance in commercial applications.

Usage and Applications: The Ford D-Series trucks were popular for transportation and logistics, commonly used by businesses for local and regional deliveries, construction projects, and general commercial purposes.

Success and Legacy: The D-Series trucks were well-regarded for their durability, reliability, and adaptability to different work environments. Their success contributed to Ford’s reputation in the commercial vehicle market during the era they were in production.

Discontinuation: Production of the Ford D-Series trucks ceased in the late 1980s, marking the end of this particular lineup. They were succeeded by newer models in Ford’s commercial truck range.

While the Ford D-Series trucks might vary in specific details and configurations across their various models, they were an integral part of Ford’s commercial vehicle offerings and played a significant role in meeting the transportation needs of businesses and industries during their production period.

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