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The Ford Durango was a mid-size SUV produced by Ford in the 1980s. It’s essential to note that the Dodge Durango, a well-known SUV, is not related to the Ford Durango, as they were manufactured by different companies.

Key features of the Ford Durango:

1981-1982 Production: The Ford Durango was produced for a brief period from 1981 to 1982. It was based on the Ford Ranger pickup truck platform and had a compact SUV body style.

Unique Design: The Durango featured a two-door body style with a removable rear roof section, allowing it to be used as a convertible SUV. This design feature was distinctive for that era.

Engine and Performance: It was typically equipped with a range of inline-four and V6 engine options, offering moderate power and performance suitable for its size.

Limited Production: The Ford Durango had a relatively short production run and was not as commonly seen on the roads as some other Ford SUV models of that time.

Popularity: Despite its limited production, the Ford Durango garnered attention for its unique design and versatility as a convertible SUV, attracting enthusiasts and collectors of vintage Ford vehicles.

Discontinuation: The Ford Durango was discontinued after a short stint in the market, and it didn’t continue as a long-standing model in Ford’s SUV lineup.

The Ford Durango holds a place in automotive history as a distinctive compact SUV with a convertible feature, catering to a niche market during its production years. However, due to its limited production and short-lived presence, information and examples of this particular model might be scarce compared to other Ford SUVs from that era.

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