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The Ford LGT, or Ford Lawn and Garden Tractor, was a series of compact tractors produced by Ford Motor Company in the 1960s and 1970s. These tractors were specifically designed for residential and light-duty landscaping tasks, catering to homeowners and small-scale property maintenance needs.

The Ford LGT series included several models, such as the LGT 100, LGT 120, LGT 125, and others, each differing slightly in horsepower and features. These compact tractors were equipped with gasoline engines and offered a range of attachments and accessories for various lawn care and garden applications.

These tractors were praised for their simplicity, ease of use, and versatility in performing tasks such as lawn mowing, snow removal, garden tilling, and light hauling. They were compact, making them suitable for maneuvering in tight spaces typical of residential properties.

The Ford LGT tractors featured a variety of attachments that could be easily mounted, including mower decks, snow blowers, tillers, and utility carts. This adaptability made them popular among homeowners seeking a single machine to handle multiple lawn care and garden chores.

Despite being discontinued, the Ford LGT tractors retain a dedicated following among enthusiasts and collectors due to their simplicity, reliability, and nostalgic appeal. They are considered classic examples of compact tractors designed for residential landscaping and continue to hold value in the world of vintage lawn and garden equipment.

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