Toyota hi-ace

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Toyota Hi Ace Grandia is equipped with new concept with combines enough cargo space as well as unique styling giving the vehicle a advances modern look.

Toyota Hi ace Grandia comes with new standard at van portion by offering customers with great services like durability, capacity, reliability, durability and high luxury level. The vehicle is loved by many because of the following.
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1. Luxury of performance.
Toyota HI ACE has good carrying capacity without compromising the comfort. Its equipped with good frame structure giving stability of general vehicle.
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2. Economic fuel consumption.
Common Rails Diesel Engines which leads to high power out put combined with excellent fuel efficiency.
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3. Convinience.
The vehicle has great convince due to its available of spare parts. In case of mechanical problem the spares are readily available.
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4. High safety levels.
Safety features including Anti-Lock Brake Systems and LED High-Mounts Stop Lamp to allow safety features such as Airbags or crumple zone construction are incorporated.
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Toyota Hi ace is equipped with advanced features for your loving family’s security. Hence, Hi ace Grandia meets all your needs while offers great comfortability.

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