Zongshen 250 The Ultimate Off-Road Dirt Bike.

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For the thrill seekers who like the smell of gas and the sound of a four-stroke wail,The Zongshen 250 has got you covered. It’s a well constructed and versatile dirt bike ideal for new bikers or those getting back to biking. It can make for a great recreational vehicle to use on the countryside or the wild club.

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What makes the Zongshen 250 a great dirt bike?


The engine is incorporated with electronic reverse protection which boosts the safety of the vehicle as well as its operationality.

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*Great stability

It’s a very light and strong bike which is a great combination of features that ensures its stability and ease of control. This makes the Zongshen 250 ideal for maneuvering your way through the dirt road.

*Explosive acceleration.

Wrapped in a light weight perimeter style frame, the Zongshen 250 is an incredibly fast bike that’s bound to get your adrenaline flowing.

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It comes with comfortable handles and seat which is what every biker looks for. The well positioned leg rests are also a great comfort feature.

The Zongshen 250 combines a great set of features to meet any new biker’s needs.

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Transportation is very important in our life. In fact, the wheels are the first step of making transportation easy. Moreover with the advancement of modernism man has created a lot of varieties of vehicles with different features that make its buyer much satisfied.

Here we would like to introduce an Auto that is progressing by leaps and bounds produced by Zongshen 250 and is now being marketed. This is a Chinese company that has introduced a number of products such as engines, motorcycles, generators and quad bikes. Zongshen is co-powered by Davidson, Piaggio and Harley.
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There is following product introduced by Zongshen:
  • New 4 wheeler Adult quad, Zongshen 250cc
Its engine is 4 Stroke, without a door, it can be run on gas as well as on petrol and break is disc type.
China’s demand for the best motorcycle is being accomplished by Zongshen’s group of the motorcycle; it has brought a revolution in the market of the motorcycle, for example, Nitrous 250cc.

Its engine is genuine Atomik OHC Zonshen 250 with single cylinder and four strokes, It has two hydraulic pistons in its brake system, Front and rear tyers with 1.60×19 and 1.85×16 respectively with steel rim and alloy hub assemblies.
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Zongshen 250 has also a wide range of varieties of generators like Taizhou Genour.

  • This generator is the Copper alternator.
  • Top quality with easy maintenance.
  • It has a saving system for power generation.
  • Large space for fuel for the continuous supply of fuel for a long time.
There is a huge variety offered by Zongshen especially in the field of the motor. Their product is most reliable as they fulfil the requirement of their client along with maintaining the good quality of the material.

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