Zundapp Janus: A Rare And Unique Car

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The Zundapp Janus is a micro car that was produced back in 1957 and was the only car produced by the motorcycle company Zundapp. It was initially developed by the aircraft company Dornier but was sold to the Zundapp company in which they further developed it and made it into a quality “bubble car”.


The Zundapp company named their car Janus who was a Roman God who had two faces. One looking forward and one looking backward. The car had basically had the same impression because from the design alone.

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One cannot distinguish which is the front and which is the back. The car also has unique single doors that opens in the front and rear and not on the sides.


The Zundapp Janus car stopped production in 1958 because the company wasn’t successful in selling the cars. Some people think that the price tag in one of these vehicles are just too expensive for them to buy. The company made a total of 6,902 cars before they abandoned the project and the company closed down.

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