Ford 999

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The Ford 999 was a legendary racing car built by Henry Ford in 1902. Here are some key aspects:

Creation: Henry Ford developed the Ford 999 as a racing car in collaboration with the famous automobile designer, Barney Oldfield, and engineer Tom Cooper.

Design and Innovation: The Ford 999 was a significant departure from conventional automobiles of its time. It featured an advanced design with a lightweight chassis, streamlined body, and a powerful engine placed behind the driver.

Racing Success: The Ford 999 gained widespread attention due to its remarkable performance in racing events. On October 25, 1902, Barney Oldfield drove the car to victory, setting a new world record by covering a mile in just under 60 seconds on an oval track.

Impact: The success of the Ford 999 helped elevate the reputation of Henry Ford as an innovative automotive manufacturer and contributed to the promotion of Ford Motor Company’s early models.

Legacy: The Ford 999 holds historical significance in the evolution of automotive racing, symbolizing a shift towards high-performance, specialized racing cars.

The Ford 999 remains an iconic part of automotive history, representing a pivotal moment in early racing and showcasing Henry Ford’s ambition and innovation in the automotive industry.

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