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Electric Vehicle Concept: The Ford Comuta was designed as a small, compact electric city car intended for urban commuting. It was one of the pioneering efforts by Ford in the realm of electric vehicles.

Compact Design: The car was notably small and compact, designed for short-distance travels within urban areas. It accommodated only a few passengers and was tailored for city driving.

Electric Propulsion: The Comuta was fully electric, powered by a battery pack. However, the technology available at that time limited its range and performance compared to contemporary electric vehicles.

Experimental Nature: Being an experimental vehicle, the Ford Comuta was never mass-produced or made available for commercial sale. It was more of a prototype or concept car developed to explore the potential of electric propulsion for urban transportation.

Historical Significance: Despite its limited production and commercial viability, the Ford Comuta holds historical significance as an early example of Ford’s exploration into electric vehicle technology.

The Ford Comuta was an innovative project during an era when electric vehicles were not as prevalent as they are today. While it did not reach production or commercial availability, it remains a part of automotive history as an early attempt by Ford to explore electric propulsion for urban commuting.

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