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The Ford FK (also known as the Ford Köln) was a line of trucks produced by Ford in Germany primarily during the mid-1950s. The FK series encompassed various models designed for commercial use and transportation purposes.

These trucks were available in different configurations, including flatbeds, vans, and chassis-cab versions, catering to diverse needs in the transportation and logistics sectors. The FK series trucks were known for their reliability, durability, and versatility, making them suitable for various commercial applications.

Powered by inline-four or inline-six engines, these trucks offered moderate power and efficiency for their time. They were commonly used for transporting goods, materials, and cargo in both urban and rural settings.

The design of the Ford FK trucks emphasized functionality, with a focus on robust construction, a straightforward driver’s cabin, and a durable chassis capable of carrying substantial loads. They were valued by businesses and industries requiring dependable and efficient transportation for their operations.

While the production of the Ford FK series eventually ceased, these trucks played a significant role in the transportation and commercial sectors of their era, contributing to Ford’s legacy in the European truck market. Some models of the FK series have gained popularity among vintage truck enthusiasts and collectors for their historical significance and unique design elements.

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