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The Ford GP, often referred to as the “Pygmy,” was one of the early prototypes that led to the development of the iconic Willys MB Jeep during World War II. Ford, along with Willys-Overland, participated in the competition to produce a versatile and rugged reconnaissance vehicle for the U.S. Army.

The Ford GP shared many design elements with the Willys MB, featuring four-wheel drive, a powerful engine, and a lightweight yet robust construction. It was designed to meet the military’s specifications for a reliable, multi-purpose vehicle capable of traversing various terrains.

The Ford GP underwent testing and evaluation alongside the Willys prototype, and elements from both designs contributed to the final standardized military Jeep, which became known as the Willys MB and Ford GPW (with “W” representing “Willys” or “Ford”).

While the Ford GP didn’t enter full-scale production for the military, its role in the early stages of Jeep development was crucial. The collaboration between Ford and Willys resulted in the standardized Willys MB and Ford GPW, which became the iconic vehicles used by Allied forces during World War II and continued to influence post-war civilian Jeep models.

Despite its limited production and prototype status, the Ford GP remains an essential part of Jeep history, representing the early developmental stages that led to the creation of the legendary and versatile military vehicle used extensively during World War II.

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