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The Ford NAA, also known as the Ford N-Series Golden Jubilee, was a significant tractor model introduced by Ford in 1953 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. It represented an evolution in tractor design and technology within Ford’s N-Series lineup, which began with the iconic Ford 9N tractor.

The Ford NAA was a successor to the Ford 8N tractor and featured several improvements over its predecessor. It was equipped with a 134-cubic-inch, four-cylinder engine that produced around 32 horsepower, an increase in power compared to previous models. The tractor also had a live PTO (power take-off) system, enabling the use of implements without stopping the transmission.

One of the most notable innovations on the NAA was the introduction of the “Red Tiger” hood, which featured a sleeker and more modern design compared to earlier models. This distinctive hood design, along with its golden paint scheme, contributed to its “Golden Jubilee” nickname.

The Ford NAA was praised for its reliability, ease of operation, and versatility in farm work. It was widely used for various agricultural tasks, including plowing, tilling, planting, and hauling. Its popularity among farmers stemmed from its durability and the advancements it brought to tractor technology at the time.

The NAA was a transitional model, as it marked the shift from the Ford-Ferguson partnership to Ford’s independent tractor production. Despite being in production for only a few years (1953-1954), the Ford NAA left a lasting impact on the agricultural community and is remembered as a significant milestone in Ford’s tractor history.

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